Deploy Red Hat Enterprise Linux on Windows 10.

A Windows Subsystem for Linux solution for the enterprise.

Unleash your company’s developers and IT staff by providing them with access to the Linux command line, networking, and development tools they really want on the Windows 10 workstations you already have.

Compatible with Red Hat Enterprise Linux, the industry standard enterprise Linux, known for its reliability, security, and stability.

WLinux Enterprise allows you to optimize tech productivity while leveraging your company’s existing Red Hat and Microsoft software, management policies, and infrastructure.

We can customize an in-house spin of WLinux Enterprise Edition to fit your company’s needs:

  • Maintain strict IT security compliance policies and meet regulatory requirements.

  • Use your own internal Red Hat Enterprise Linux or compatible software repositories.

  • Install and manage WLinux Enterprise Edition on Windows 10 devices with your existing Microsoft network management tools.


WLinux Enterprise Edition is now available to
Whitewater Foundry consulting clients.

Basic Pricing
$100 USD per seat
Minimum 50 seats
Annual Support Contract $1500+ USD

Deployment consulting, employee training, additional support levels, and
Red Hat Enterprise Linux licenses may be extra.

Request a consultation and evaluation copy of WLinux Enterprise.


A highly discounted self-supported individual user license of WLinux Enterprise,
based on Scientific Linux, is available here from the Microsoft Store.